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Another excellent installment in the Lucas Davenport series. This one is set in the winter time so you are constantly getting the feel of the incredibly harsh winter of the area, which only adds to the sense of foreboding and creepiness. This one introduces Lucas to Weather also, and involves more of the investigation, action, nail biting suspense and excellent writing this series displays. I love the way Sandford describes people, places, and situations. I can picture it all. I look forward to reading more installments, and have already started the next one.
I very much enjoyed reading The Princess and the Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury. It is a great story to read to children. I read it to my nephew last night. The book features a beautiful princess and her dad the king. It is time for her to marry, but the king is very cautious. Who is worthy to marry his beloved daughter and become the future king? The king devises many challenges and obstacles to test her suitors. The field narrows down to three knights. Who will be wise and brave enough to meet the last dangerous challenge? The book has amazing illustrations by Gabrielle Grimard.