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Important Messages
I enjoyed reading Brave Young Knight by Karen Kingsbury. It features the young knight from the West Village. He is being taught by his father to be wise, brave, and strong. People from his village admire the young knight, and accept his help as needed. The king calls the knights of the kingdom for a competition. Who will be found honest and brave, worthy to be prince of the kingdom? This is a great book to read to children. It reinforces moral teachings and has a great ending. It is closely related to Karen Kingsbury's book, the Princess and the Three Knights. Gabrielle Grimard does wonderful illustrations for both books.
I read this excellent book in 2 days. The author tells the true story of how she overcame grief to become an ordained minister and a chaplain with the Maine Warden Service. At times it is sad and thought provoking. As she describes work with families in crisis, her book shows how to help someone who is grieving. Kate shows how her faith, family, and co-workers provide support and eventually lead a new spouse and family. This book is available in large print from the Groton Public Library.