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very good book, grandmother wants her 3 granddaughters to visit for the summer and celebrate her 80th birthday. The grandmother Marietta is a piece of work.this is also about Carson the 2nd granddaughter and her love for a wild dolphin that she befriended.
Successful Supermodel Alie'e Maison never had a normal
Easy Prey - John Sandford
Childhood since her avaricious parents parleyed her beautiful looks into making them a fortune. She is now one of the richest models in the country and now Alie'e only works those fashion jobs she wants as she seeks pleasure and excitement in her life. At a Minneapolis party hosted by Sally Hanson, Alie'e enjoys the drugs and sex that flow so freely.

That ends when (...). Minneapolis Deputy of Police Lucas Davenport heads the investigation that has media and political attention due to Alie'e being the victim. For a cop this case becomes a living nightmare due to the media's sensationalizing what happened at the party. However, the case turns uglier when (,,,). Lucas has numerous suspects, but the investigation twists again when one of his own crew is almost killed by the clever perpetrator.