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Mortal Prey is one of the better books in this series. The story is pretty simple. Hit woman Clara Rinker is back is back in the U.S. nd looking to avenge the death of her mexican boyfriend. The FBI is hot on her trail and ask Lucas Davenport to help.
The great thing about this series is that the character's are continually changing, evolving. Davenport has gone from a fast talking ladies man to a dedicated father and husband, from homicide to detective to assistant police chief. And in the next book he ostly be a special investiator for the govenor. The other characters have grown right along with him. And Clara Rinker is the most likable villian I've ever seen. I almost hated to see what happened to her.
John Sandford's writing is consistly excellant. He grabs you on the first page and doesn't let up until the end. I'm already waiting for the next Prey novel!
I learned about retirement planning from Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan. He is a popular speaker who answers questions and encourages listeners to plan for retirement at his website: In his book Retire Inspired, he encourages readers to dream about their future. How can you plan, save, help your retirement dreams become reality? He refers to budgeting and following the 7 Baby Steps taught in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes. Hogan warns about carrying debt into retirement, reverse mortgages, and why it is smart to start retirement savings early. He shares the impact his grandparents had on him growing up, and the clients who inspired him. This book inspires me to continue our monthly budget, building savings and paying off debt. I recommend this book and attending FPU classes to plan for our future retirement.